Fee-Based Planning Services

I have recently added a new service: fee-based financial planning services for individuals and business owners.  Regardless of experience, we more and more think of a financial plan not as being a luxury, but as a necessity for certain individuals and/or business owners.  

Many of my clients want a professional analysis of their current financial situation, their goals and concerns, with no pressure to purchase products and services.  A financial plan can provide them with a good overall understanding of what they currently have, to highlight their strengths and identify areas where improvement is needed, and to provide recommendations customized to their specific needs.  As a Princor Financial Advisor with Princor Financial Services Corporation, I offer my financial planning services based upon my hourly rate of $150.  I quote a plan’s fee as a flat fee, or by the hour, depending upon which you prefer.  Each plan’s content and fee varies based upon your unique objectives and the complexity of your financial situation. 

There is no question that the financial world is complex, but it does not have to be confusing. My clients come to me for professional advice on such things as: 

  • Retirement needs
  • Executive benefits
  • Income tax strategies
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Estate planning
  • Survivor benefits
  • Business continuation
  • Personal cash flow/budgeting
  • Education funding
  • Disability income needs

Naturally, after the completion of your initial financial plan, I can update it as often as you like to analyze your progress and address ongoing needs. Although you are under no obligation to implement your financial plan through me, my clients typically ask me for specific product and/or service solutions to help suit their needs.  Should you purchase financial products and services from me, you would do so outside the financial plan.  As a Financial Representative with Principal National and Principal Life Insurance Companies and a Registered Representative and Financial Advisor with Princor®, members of the Principal Financial Group®, I am compensated separately by them should you purchase products.

Please contact me with questions you may have concerning these fee-based planning services.